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ARUBI is the acronym for Autonomous Recording Unit for Bird Identification. ARUs are quite common in the US and used for the automatic detection of bats, birds, amphibians.

The German or even European market does not offer these devices, thus ARBU was developed in order to close that gap. Experts were consulted and extensive test series were performed to ensure that this ARU is well designed to take automatic records of owls, woodpeckers or the corncrake over a longer period of time. Hence, cost-intensive surveys by man can be minimized concerning these species.



The central recording unit is a high-quality audio-recording device by Olympus, which features apart from its recording qualities a timer, which allows to program different recording schedules. E.g. acoustic surveys during sunrise or in the hours after sunset can be performed. Thus, the timer saves battery power and enables recording sessions over more than two weeks even at low temperatures. The Olympus recording device is powered by an external battery pack of 12.000 mAh capacity which can be re-charged via USB connector.

ARUBI is equipped with a set of stereo microphones, so a spatial orientation of recorded sounds is possible. The sensitivity of the microphones is high enough to detect sounds even up to a distance of appr. 500 m (depends on environment and species).

The whole technique is well protected in a shock- and waterproof housing. ARUBI can be easily exposed in the field, e.g. by attaching to a tree trunk or fence post with a belt. The small size and the dull color of the box lead to a good camouflage that widely secures the device from being stolen. Additionally a short text can be engraved in the cover in order to inform nosy people.

The little sister of ARUBI is ARUBInette which contains within the robust housing the same audio recorder and also a set of stereo microphones, but the battery pack is much smaller, so recording sessions are limited to appr. 8 days with 4 hours of recording each day.




The records give a good example of ARUBI’s recording quality. It should be kept in mind that the recordings can not be compared to those found on CDs with bird songs. Those records are made with directional microphones in order to eliminate noise as much as possible. The main aim of the recordings by ARUBI is to get as much bird sounds as possible, from all directions and from greater distances.



  ARUBI  ARUBInette 
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engravement   30 €   30 €  
small power pack  20 €  (standard) 
additional big power pack  40 € 


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