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demo recording system

This is a demo-version of a web-based system* for entering faunistic/floristic records on the basis of maps by Google-Maps service.
The systems consists of three parts:
1) online-input of data by an observer
2) check for plausability of the sent data by a competent administrator
3) displaying the data as lists as well as maps.
All datasets can be exported from the database in the cloud as Excel-spreadsheets in order to use them in GIS like ArcGIS. Moreover, importing the data to other systems such as Multibase CS is also possible.
Please feel free to test the system on the sites named below**.

* The system has been developed by me as an amateur. The main focus was and is on functionality, so design and layout are quite poor. But by developing the next versions of the systems, visual aspects will be considered as well.

** Please notice that all data are accessible by other users. So be careful with using reals names and email-adresses. You better should use nicknames and faked email-adresses.

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Using the datasets of the database allowed with the author's approval only. This is especially relevant for the duplication, translation and use in all media, particularly in electronic systems.

Copyright © Dr. Randolph Kricke

all rights reserved